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    Here are Cadermist Bryce Kingrock & Cadermist Elisabeth Kingrock at 6 weeks of age!

    ...................and here they are again a few weeks later!  
                                      This is Bryce at 10 months of age!  

Although Bryce & Elisabeth are not siblings, both of their pedigrees go back to the CC winning Kingrock Countess Agatha for Myswain. Agatha is shown in the photos below with her siblings at Counthorpe!

Bryce attended his first show, The East of England Championship Show, on the 5th July 2019.

He won the Limit Dog Class and the Reserve Challenge Certificate - judge, Marion Sargent.

Elisabeth also attended the East of England Show as her first show and she also won the Reserve Challenge Certificate, after winning the Post Graduate Bitch class.

As well as producing outstanding Mastiffs the Bredwardine kennel has also produced some extremely good bulldogs.During our time in Wales we were regular visitors to Bredwardine, mostly to view a bulldog litter or with bulldoggers from overseas who wished to visit the kennel as they invariably had stock containing Bredwardine lines.

On these visits we became enchanted by a certain Mastiff, living as a house pet, and going under the impressive name of Ch. & Am. Ch. Arciniega's Lion of Bredwardine. After much discussion we decided to put our name down for a puppy, if and when one became available, although at that time there seemed to be very few puppies and quite a long list!

In 1995, whilst still living at Great Frampton House but knowing that within the next few months we would be leaving Wales and heading east, we rang the kennels on the off-chance that a puppy had become available. Knowing that we would soon be leaving the area Richard and Peter kindly offered us a brindle puppy they were running on for themselves and a few days later Bredwardine Bryndioddef of Kingrock came to live with us.

         BREDWARDINE BRYNDIODDEF AT KINGROCK  (Petal) at 14 months.
              (Ch. Bredwardine Brongest ex. Buddug of Bredwardine)

By the time Petal was old enough to venture into the showring we were resident at Counthorpe in South Lincolnshire and her first outing would be our local championship show, the East of England Agricultural Society, held at their showground just 10 miles from our home.

The judge, breed specialist Eileen Riches, awarded Petal reserve best bitch and this is what she said in her critique; 'Lovely dark brindle with well proportioned feminine head, good bone, clean shoulders, straight front, good length of body, well muscled hindquarters, free, effortless movement, well handled, should take top honours when mature'

As a regular visitor to the kennels Chris' mother became particularly fond of Petal and during her stays Petal would be her constant companion. At the time the photopraph was taken Grace was 82 years of age but Petal was as gentle as a lamb whilst in her company (and crazy at all other times!).

At the beginning of 1997 Petal produced her one and only litter of puppies, sired by the handsome Jengren Stallone at Ocobo. The litter contained 9 puppies, 5 dogs and 4 bitches, and Petal was a wonderful mother although we did stay with her around the clock for the first 2-3 weeks.

                A basketful of mischief !    Petals litter of 9 puppies at 6 weeks of age.

From this litter we retained three, one of whom was the striking apricot male Kingrock King Arthur. 

                                     KINGROCK KING ARTHUR
Although the Mastiffs were handled in the showring by Chris, Graham is seen here with Arthur. During Arthur's short show career he did well winning 1 CC & 2 RCC's before we tragically lost him following an operation to remove bladder stones. He was just 3 years old.
Chris with his sister-in-law taking the puppies we kept from this litter for a walk across the land at Counthorpe House. The dark apricot is Kingrock King Arthur, the paler apricot is Kingrock Lady Anna, who ultimately went to live with Betty Robson-Jones.  The brindle, Kingrock Countess Agatha, went on to become the CC winning Kingrock Countess Agatha for Myswain. Agatha has produced some extremly nice progeny and Chris was more than a little surprised to find that when he judged the 'Old English Mastiff Club' show in April 2008 his BIS was a daughter of this bitch, who by this time would have been more than 11 years old.
                                          MYSWAIN SUN IN THE NIGHT 
                  Winner of  1CC 2RCC's & B.I.S at the O.E.M.C. Open Show 2008 
           (Faynad Guardian at Our Gate by Myswain ex .Kingrock Countess Agatha
                                                                                                    for Myswain)

One of the bitches in Petal's litter, Kingrock Baroness Adeline, became well-known for a very different reason. In the Millenium edition of the Guiness Book of Records, she was recorded as the largest living dog in the world.

For those of us who still think in old money 130kg is approximately 20.5 stone. Although, perhaps quite rightly, the record for the heaviest dog is no longer included in the Guiness Book of World Records, Kell did have to be examined by an independent vet to certify that in his opinion she was not carrying excessive fat and that her sheer size was the reason for her weight. Her owner Tom Scott appeared on television with her on countless occasions making guest appearances, especially on childrens' programmes. On the one or two occasions we caught her TV appearances she was always a great ambassador for the breed and behaved impeccably..

A dog and bitch from Petal's litter went to Australia and have had a major impact on the breed in that country. Kingrock Prince Albert and Kingrock Duchess Amelia are now behind most of Australia's top kennels.

                           KINGROCK PRINCE ALBERT

Although Albert and Amelia were producers of exceptional stock in their own right when their owners decided to mate them together they produced the lovely Aust. Ch. Yangerdook Lady Lizzie. When mated to an Albert grandson, Aust. Ch. Marstonmoor First Chapta, Lizzie produced Aust. Ch. Yangerdook The Bronx & Yangerdook Harlem Knight. 

                           YANGERDOOK HARLEM KNIGHT
            Winning B.I.S. at a Mastiff Breed Show in Australia.

Albert was also mated to his grand-daughter, Aust. Ch. Marstonmoor First Strike, from which mating came, Aust. Ch. Marstenmoor Take A Punt.